I found my rainbow. Would you like to find yours?

Mira Claire, artist, author, and happiness enthusiast helping people live inspired ALIVE INSIDE lives.

I have been studying the body and energy medicine for over 15 years. I have studied more modalities than you have phalanges. Lucky for you, because YOU get the benefit of it all! I use my uncanny ability to read energy combined with hands-on techniques to change anything that isn’t working for you - with your body, with your relationships, with money or if you just want more happiness, I can facilitate that too!

"OMG, I cannot even come close to expressing the appropriate amount of gratitude for the space of kindness, nurturing, awareness and magic Mira creates. Absolutely blown away. Her knowledge and capacity to shift things instantaneously is miraculous, AND it comes with funnies! Thank you, my whole body is alive and I feel the possibilities again!"     -JD

"You Rock! New tools! Excited to try them out. You are incredibly tallented, pin point accuracy with what was taking place. I am really impressed, and I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time, don't want to get off my bed with my dog lol. Gratitude and much love. THANK YOU!”     -Michael

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