Mira Claire

Mira Claire, MA LMT is an author, artist and healer who has been working in the healing arts for over 20 years.

Starting when she was a Pilates instructor, Mira soon realized she had a talent for helping clients create more ease within their bodies when their whole self was included.

Early on, she noticed that bodies don’t compartmentalize their problems very well and she started to wonder what healing modalities were available that looked at all parts of us, so that the whole being could heal more dynamically. She discovered Energy Medicine in 2000 and has been gobbling up information and practicing ever since.

She specializes in trauma release and re-patterning the nervous system. Mira takes disparate points of view and integrates them into a new Reality. Using her unique experiences, methods of interpretation, and a deep curiosity she accesses a vast knowledge and broad skill set. She applies this to everyday life and shares these tools in a joyful, heartfelt, and charismatic way; changing the world one smile at a time.

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