So just who is Mira Claire?

I’m so glad you asked, I am always exploring this!

Like all of us I am many things! Among them, I am an author, artist, healer, consciousness facilitator, massage therapist, Mom, and the owner of a rather likable teacup poodle that comes to the name of ‘Magic.’

Energy is my first language and when working with people I have the capacity to create this space of ease and use some powerful tools that can radically change your life. Starting when I was a Pilates instructor, I realized I had a talent for helping people create more ease within their bodies. Well actually, it started when I was a kid and my brothers would ask for shoulder massages and say I would be a good massage therapist… turns out they were right!

With my art, I use watercolor, colored pencils, and collage. I work with all things that are accessible to everyone, no Masters in Art needed! You can see some of my art in my children’s book ‘Have You Ever.’ Also in my quippy deck ‘Irreverent Inspiration.’

Also, I chase rainbows.

That’s a thing!

If you’d like to find YOUR rainbow let’s talk!